Our Work

Chicago Black Gay Men’s Caucus is the only agency in Chicago that focuses exclusively on achieving health equity for same gender loving Black men. Our programs activate community members as health leaders and support institutions as they transform their operations to better respond to the needs of same gender loving Black men.


Community Engagement

  • Caucus Corps: Since our founding, we have maintained membership bodies where we cultivate the leadership competencies of men in our community. Under our mentorship, they become an inclusive, active network of leaders who advise, plan, and advocate with our agency.
  • Cultural Enrichment: We strengthen the social infrastructure of our community and by extension “community connectedness”, which nurtures racial/sexual esteem, self-efficacy, and a community health consciousness. Our largest public events occur annually and include: From the Heart (community leader awards), LoveFest (edu-tainment health festival), and Black Boy Joy (winter appreciation social).


Knowledge & Learning

  • Research & Action: We transform institutional work by promoting evidence-based, community-led research and practice. We’re a consulting partner on research projects and contribute to research advisory bodies.
  • Consultations & Trainings: We work with local institutions to increase their technical capacity to provide excellent service to Black gay men. We consult, train, and present in addition to membership on various workgroups.
  • Community Planning: We represent the priorities of our community during the goal setting and resource allocation that occur in decision-making spaces. This includes Getting to Zero, the Illinois HIV elimination plan initiative.