Our Work

Chicago Black Gay Men’s Caucus works for health equity among Black gay, bisexual, and same gender loving men within four strategic areas: Leadership Development, Grassroots Advocacy, Capacity Building, and Health Marketing.

We specialize in collaborative programming that promotes the importance of culturally competent practice and systems; facilitates and strengthens institutions’ ability to respond to our community’s needs; and shifting public consciousness toward both personal and structural strategies for health. Our “by us, for us” initiatives range from community-based initiatives to citywide campaigns.


Capacity Building

We invest in our local public health industry’s ability to provide fully and passionately for Black gay, bisexual, and same gender loving men. This work centers on developing the ability of institutions to elevate their level of service, advisor recruitment, community strategies, and educational collateral.

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HIS Lifestyle Mobile

We provide “on the go” health resources, education, and social information within a free mobile app designed by and for Black gay, bisexual, and same gender loving men. It is available on both iOS and Android-based devices.

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Civic Engagement

We work to improve quality of life among Black gay, bisexual, and same sex gender men through collective, political action. We initiate collective action using three overlapping organizing strategies: leadership development & skill-building, grassroots organizing & mobilization, and partnerships & coalition-work.

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Conversations Forum

Our quarterly community dialogues center on Black gay/bisexual experiences with topics like sexual health, brotherhood, safety, and aging. Audience members are able to share their thoughts, connection to local service providers, and prepared to strong advocating for their own health.

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Community Events


LoveFest is a health and entertainment festival, held every summer in Chicago, to ensure HIV/STI awareness and showcase community talent. Attendees note an increased awareness around HIV/STI services, particularly around PrEP/PEP and culturally competent healthcare options throughout Chicago’s Southside.

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From the Heart

We acknowledge the achievements of community leaders every spring during Black History Month for their commitment to the Black gay, bisexual, and same gender loving men of Chicago. Our event shares these acknowledgements in public venues that allow community members to celebrate the achievements of our inductees.

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Black Boy Joy

We celebrate every holiday season with a holiday soiree, newly dubbed Black.Boy.Joy! Live performances highlight our community’s talent to entertain and strength to persevere despite adversity. Black.Boy.Joy borrows elements from variety shows, sexual health outreach, and holiday galas with attendance ranging between 100-200 patrons.

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